Kmart's 'Irresistible' Campaign Makes Cheap Look Cool

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Kmart’s ‘Irresistible’ Campaign Makes Cheap Look Cool

As soon as I hit the self-aware age of puberty, I cringed accompanying mum to Kmart just so she could buy me Slazenger trackies, shoes and tops with random surfboards on them. And for a long time after, well into adulthood, my perception of Kmart never really changed.

Kmart sat in brand positioning limbo and was seen as an inferior quality alternative to Big W and Target. Not cool at all. In fact the very thought of Kmart a few years ago reminds me of a scene in Zoolander when Russian Fashion snob Katina insults Matilda at the expense of humble ol’ Kmart.

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“I suggest you and your Kmart Jaclyn Smith Collection outfit stay the hell away from Derek Zoolander!” -Katinka

Fast forward to 2013 and not only does Kmart own the ‘affordable quality’ position, it has made it look cool.

This perception change is no accident and a credit to an integrated, focused campaign by the BWM group since 2011-2012.

Having built credibility as a low cost and quality alternative which was the fruit of previous campaigns i.e. ‘1000 Mums’ and ‘OK’, Kmart’s latest campaign has cleverly evolved its price messaging and targeted audience.

The ‘making low prices irresistible’ campaign is edgy and dare I say, sexy with the ‘Bom Bom’ song by Sam and the Womp.

The net has been cast wider than just mums too and promotes a variety of colourful, lively and seemingly quality everyday occasional products at everyday low prices i.e. $3, $6, $10 and $15.

By the way the use of full prices ($3 vs $2.99) is a clever technique ‘borrowed’ from Ikea who have used full pricing for decades to great effect. Psychologically, our brains digest round numbers more easily and hence attribute more value to them.

Nonetheless, Kmart’s positioning and pricing strategies are working and the brand is heavily pushing hedonic joy and happiness brand associations.

Says Dion Workman, Kmart general manager marketing: “This campaign highlights affordability and desirability simultaneously. Kmart is bringing the fun back to shopping with our products and their prices – creating an irresistible equation for shoppers.”

Now if only I could get those bloody trumpets from the ad out of my head!

Moby Siddique

Moby Siddique

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Moby Siddique

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