Why Cold Calling isn't Dead


Why Cold Calling isn’t Dead

Taking nothing away from inbound and non-interruptive content marketing, which have cemented their place as digital success staples, sometimes you just can’t beat the old school way of business, that is, speaking to a real person over the phone.

For some industries, particularly B2B based, telesales and cold calling is still one of the best way to source leads into your sales pipeline which also come with the added benefit of having a personal touch – not always commonplace in digital marketing.

Ironically, the more we move away from traditional forms of marketing like cold calling, the more unique and effective cold calling can be – if done right that is.

Also, cold calling can serve as a powerful marketing research platform if feedback is noted properly.

Trying to understanding actual customer requirements through market research a few times a year with an impersonal survey won’t give you those gems of individual customer insights that can inevitably arise when talking to a few dozen people over the phone.
Customers are individuals and have their own needs, requirements and service levels. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to your customers, they just might tell you something that you didn’t know.
Yes, cold calling is still a numbers game but if your product is good, you believe in what you’re selling and you can build rapport after countless rejections – it is one of the most economical and fastest ways to secure leads and inevitable sales.

Until we have phones chained to our desks and pockets, cold calling is here to stay.

Here are our top six tips to consider when embarking on cold calls:

1. Plan Ahead: An effective business owner/sales person will calendarise their day so that they know when they are researching, calling and quoting their customers. Ensure you have your script ready. Practise being clear and conscise. Have an objective for each call. It’s not good enough just to say hello or just to touch base

2. Investigate before you call: Do you know any history to this customer account or lead? Consider investing in a low cost CRM system to start building a profile of your contacts. Have you Googled the customer or checked out their website. Your pitch will sound stronger if you know about the customer your talking with.

3. Build Rapport and the context of Personal Relationships: We are all people at the end of the day. Find out about interest and commonality and build a genuine conversation.

4. Personality Matters: Learn to smile (yes studies show this makes a difference in your calls) and embrace the call. Know that your actions compounded over time will yield results.

5. Systematic and accurate note taking: Like everything in life- HAVE A PLAN – Know the amounts of calls you are going to make and to whom you are calling. Record all your customer feedback and act accordingly by providing a solution, quotation, sample etc. You’re only as good as the information you can obtain and the solutions you can present

6. BE EVER CLOSING: That is your goal at the end of the day. If you sense interest, pursue and offer value that will help you close. Sell and build relationships that will be fruitful in the future.

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