Website Design

Website Design

A website can make or break a company. Your website needs to not only communicate exactly what you do within seconds, it also has to communicate your unique value proposition and convey to visitors why they should spend their time with you, instead of all your competitors.

Your website needs to convey your core capabilities in a way that is appealing and credible to your target market and a good looking website is just one factor of many that assist in this regard.

We create online environments not just websites. Our strengths are in all the areas that are important together to create an exemplary online environment. These include:

  • Strategy: You need a strategist to ensure your value proposition, your point of differentiation is communicated in ways that actually matter to your target market and not just based off assumptions. Have you thought about how you will achieve thought leadership status in your industry? What about blogging/emails/newsletters? We can help.
  • Design: Nobody likes a boring website and a poor looking website is highly correlated to low levels of perceived credibility by users.
  • Technical: We only utilise industry best practice, editable, content management systems so you don’t have to worry about coding and all that techy stuff. We also can host your website for you at competitive rates and uptime levels of 99.9%.
  • Not just a ‘website’: Your online environment also requires a solid SEO, SEM, Social and Email integration strategy, lucky for you it’s precisely our sweet-spot. We also what you to take care of the almost daily advances of digital technology and will give you ideas that will get you excited.
  • Training: We are anti-traditional agency. If there’s work you’d like us to do we are happy to do so. At the same time, if you can do it yourself and save money we’d rather equip you with knowledge and resources so you can do so. Every client gets discounted access to our industry leading training classes.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.