‘Our Branditos’

Meet Our Branditos


Moby Siddique

Founder of Brandito, Moby is the Digital Marketing Manager for hybrid skill-set agency, Talking Brand. Moby was previously the lead Digital Marketing Strategist for the world’s fourth largest equipment hire company, Coates Hire. Moby is also is a co-organiser of NetSquared Sydney, a global community that brings together tech savvy innovations and social benefit projects. Moby is first and foremost a marketing strategist. He holds two degrees in marketing including a Masters of Marketing from the University of Western Sydney and has spent the last decade heavily involved digital, marketing and branding strategy projects forcing brands to challenge the status quo.


Peter Morkos

Peter is one of the founding trainers at Brandito and has often been described as a ‘Super Sales Strategist’. Currently the National Sales & Marketing Manager of LW Reid, Pete has worked with a number of small and large clients including Masters Home Improvement, NSW Police, Puma & Big W. He’s sweet spot is in market diversification, new business acquisition sales strategy and equipping entrepreneurs with sales skills. Peter himself has been a self proclaimed entrepreneur since the age of 16 and having run a number of ventures including a promotions company.


Manelle Merhi

Manelle is a ‘Brand Building Powerhouse’ who has been involved with some of Australia’s biggest brands both from client and agency side. She is the founder of Mink Marketing and former managing partner of the Sydney Agency based in Rose Bay. Her particular areas of expertise include corporate brand marketing, brand image, perception and repositioning. Manelle is currently in charge of a major Change Management project for Kennards Hire.


Hidayat Imran

Self confessed gamification user and producer, Hidayat’s passion lies with emerging technologies, mobile and online user experience. Hidayat has been involved heavily with the start-up Shady Designs, an innovative lamp shade company. Hidayat has also applied his talents in the obstacle racing industry having previously worked for Valley Stampede.


Ramy Yassa

Ramy has worked as an educator for the last seven years. He has also dedicated countless hours working with charities that take of Sydney’s homeless and children from low-socio economic backgrounds. Ramy’s selfless passion of pursuit has seen him travel to countries in Asian-Pacific region and South America. Ramy is currently working on a new start up in the educational sector.


Cat Miranda

To say design is Cat’s area of expertise is an understatement. From branding to websites to retail spaces, Cat is one of those artsy people who just has ‘the eye’. After working years in the design world for brands such as Tzar, Cat followed her passion and works as visual arts teacher so she could pursue her passion as a design freelancer at the same time.

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